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What Are Your Options When Buying Baby Strollers?

There is a wide range of options when it comes to baby strollers--different features, price points, etc. What should you look for when buying your first stroller? There are certain factors to consider, including weight, quality, portability and your budget, of course. But the biggest consideration should always be safety. Always look for the EN 1888 certification, which indicates that the stroller passed stringent European safety standards. Check if it has a safety harness and robust braking mechanisms. You might also want a stroller that can keep your baby safe from the run with its adjustable canopy or sunshade. Your stroller should also be comfortable for your baby. The best ones allow several recline positions so that your bundle of joy can sit or lie down comfortably. The recline mechanism should be easy to adjust so that you can change the settings even while your baby is sleeping in the stroller.Next, you want to look for a stroller that fits your lifestyle. It should make your hectic life more conven...


5 Reasons Why Baby Wearing Is So Popular

It's all the rage. Famous and not-so-famous moms and dads all over the world are wearing their baby! Are you next?Baby slings and baby carriers are taking families by storm - they are the newest 'must have' baby gear. And leading the way are famous people like Brad and Angelina - they both wear baby carriers.You can find them in all shapes and forms - the one you choose will depend on your lifestyle. They are fashionable, functional and built for comfort. You can choose a back frame carrier for outdoor adventures, a sling for out-and-about in the city, and a wrap style for being close to your baby.They are becoming more and more popular - and for good reason. We have listed five main reasons why people love them - and love to wear them...1. Convenient. Baby wearing is convenient for the parent. It provides freedom for the parent since their hands are free to do other things and at the same time keep a close eye on their infant.2. Ultra comfortable. Your baby's comfort and yours is very important - and once pe...


Don't Choose A Car Seat Based On Price Alone

Getting the right car seat is absolutely vital for keeping your child safe while on the road. With so many options available, it can be tough for you to decide which one is right for your child. You will need to do your homework, but finding the best car seat doesn't have to be a headache.It's important to realize that not all models are created equal. Because of this, you should avoid buying the first one you see, or choosing the cheapest one just to save a little money. Safety comes first, and you should not cut corners when choosing a car seat for your child.The first thing you ought to do is consider how well a seat matches your child's size and shape. Make sure you stay within the prescribed weight guidelines, but don't use this as your only guide. It's best if you can take your child to the store to test different seats. Remember that a good fit is important since a too-big or too-small seat can be dangerous.It's important to remember that babies grow fast. So, a car seat that worked fine a couple of mo...


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