What Are Your Options When Buying Baby Strollers?

There is a wide range of options when it comes to baby strollers--different features, price points, etc. What should you look for when buying your first stroller? There are certain factors to consider, including weight, quality, portability and your budget, of course.

But the biggest consideration should always be safety. Always look for the EN 1888 certification, which indicates that the stroller passed stringent European safety standards. Check if it has a safety harness and robust braking mechanisms. You might also want a stroller that can keep your baby safe from the run with its adjustable canopy or sunshade.

Your stroller should also be comfortable for your baby. The best ones allow several recline positions so that your bundle of joy can sit or lie down comfortably. The recline mechanism should be easy to adjust so that you can change the settings even while your baby is sleeping in the stroller.

Next, you want to look for a stroller that fits your lifestyle. It should make your hectic life more convenient--that is its purpose, after all. It's a good idea to buy a baby stroller with multiple storage baskets so you can easily carry baby stuff such as toys, extra clothes, and snacks for your little one. You also want some room for your handbag and even some shopping bags and personal items. Do you like the idea of running or brisk walking with your baby? Choose a stroller designed for such activities. Such models usually have additional suspension mechanisms that can safeguard your baby from sudden jerks and impacts. They are engineered to provide a smooth ride and typically have large wheels that are capable of swiveling. Note that your baby has to be at least six months old (with good head control) before you can run with him or her.

And then there's the matter of folding the stroller. Your hands are literally always full when you're a parent, so save yourself from the stress and choose a stroller that is easy to fold in and out. You don't want to spend your precious time setting it up. Unfolding the baby stroller should be as simple as unlocking the hand lock and pulling your foot up.

Weight is another consideration. How heavy is the stroller? It will serve you well to choose portable baby strollers that you can comfortable carry with just one hand or on your shoulder.


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